We offer the possibility of delivering tapes to almost any required size.

Our machine park allows us to make forms, labels and create an overprint on them.


Converting tapes is primarily:

  • Cutting the tapes into rolls of the selected width
  • Format made of tapes according to the project

Converting labels:

  • Printing on labels
  • Cutting labels to a specific shape and format


  • Lamination of tapes
  • Laminating cardboard tape
  • Laminating foil tape

We also do:

  • EPDM rubber sheets
  • Distance boxes
  • Welding the foil

Our machinery park:

  • Laser plotter
  • Cutting plotter
  • Welder
  • Laminator with heat lamination function
  • Creasing cutting machine
  • Guillotine
  • Thermal transfer printers
  • Mechanical servo press
  • Rotary machine
  • Automatic horizontal cutter for tapes
  • Flexographic machine

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